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Active Directory Risk Review

Ready, Steady, STOP!

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Why Endpoint & Identity Security Matters

50% of organizations experienced an Active Directory (AD) attack in the last two years. Together with ourselves and our premium partner CrowdStrike, you can win against adversaries.

The CrowdStrike Falcon Platform is the first and only unified security platform in the industry to seamlessly combine advanced endpoint security with real-time identity protection to comprehensively stop breaches. Sign-up for a complimentary Active Directory Risk Review to secure your AD against modern attacks that can bypass traditional end point-only solutions.

What can I expect to find with my Risk Review?

Your risk review will not involve any heavy lifting on your end. If you are already a CrowdStrike customer with a Falcon implementation all that it will involve is activating your AD sensor. If you are new to CrowdStrike however, the job is almost as simple, you will only have one sensor in one domain controller. That's it. Within 24 hours a member of our AD security team will meet with you and review the results of your risk assessment. We will not just send you a PDF report and leave you to fend for yourself. Our team is committed to assisting you in reducing your risk surface. Over several thousand Risk Reviews already carried out, we have still to find the first organization where we didn't discover a risk they were not aware. What types of risks have we discovered? Here are some examples:

  • A financial services organization uncovered several hundred stale service accounts within an acquired domain. These accounts had not been used in years but were never disabled.
  • A consumer technology company where a partner of theirs had 13 accounts that were accidentally over-permissioned with Domain Admin rights for the past 19 months.
  • An insurance company that found more than 20 accounts with SPNs and compromised passwords.

Compliance & Certifications

Certified Cybersecurity Expert

Ever Evolving Threat Landscape - The Case for Cyber Security


Advanced Cyber Crime

“Cybercrime groups are deeply funded and organized with reconnaissance missions in APT like fashion. 36% of organizations state sophistication of threats is their top challenge to prevent ransomware.”

FortiGuard Labs 2021


Destructive Ransomware

“67% of organizations reported having been a ransomware target, half more than once. Ransomware is shifting to aggressive tactics including destructive system wipers, raising the level of risk. Volume is up roughly 11x.”

Global Ransomware Survey 2021 / FortiGuard Threat Landscape Report.1H21


State Sponsored Attacks

50% of U.S. technology executives believe that state-sponsored cyber warfare poses the most dangerous threat to their company or organization.”

CNBC Survey, December 2020