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Having an isolated strategy or relying simply on a firewall is no longer enough to keep malicious actors out. While you can never guarantee an impenetrable system, you can certainly take steps to make life difficult for those who are after your business. WiLine has partnered with world leaders such as VMware, Fortinet and CrowdStrike to bring you the very best solutions for perimeter, network and endpoint security giving you the most robust protection with the convenience of managing a single relationship.

With over 236 million ransomware attacks in 2022 alone and the threat increasing in 2023, your business can not become complacent. Now is the time to evaluate your cybersecurity strategy.

In this eBook, you’ll read about:

  • The state of cybersecurity today
  • The advantages of having a multi-pronged approach to cybersecurity
  • The key components of a multi-pronged IT security strategy
  • and more...

What Our Customers Say

  • "To run our business effectively, we needed reliable, cost-effective internet. Fortunately, I found WiLine."
  • "WiLine was an easy choice. The cost was right, the dedicated service was ideal, and if we need more speed, WiLine can simply turn it up at any time."
  • "Tech support has been rock solid, it’s easy to deploy and scale, and it’s highly reliable. Anyone who doesn’t have a cost-effective fixed wireless internet service from WiLine is playing with fire."
  • "WiLine provides us with a plug-and-play solution that compares favorably to other vendors."
  • "Everything nowadays is in the cloud that we use on a daily basis. With WiLine, everyone can be downloading or uploading and doing different things at the same time, and it doesn’t take forever. That’s something that no other company could offer and we’ve never looked back."


With the WiLine Price Guarantee, we’ll beat any competitor’s price for equivalent services or provide higher bandwidth for the same rate. Give us a chance to earn your business.

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