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Route-Diversity-Tech-BriefFor most businesses today, having a reliable internet connection is more important for business continuity than having power to keep the lights on. With cloud-based applications and digital services defining how we work and live, the moment that internet connection goes down, businesses start losing money.

Understanding true route diversity is key to ensuring you have the most effective network redundancy strategy to minimize business disruption from internet outages.

In this Tech Brief, you’ll learn:

  • Why vendor diversity isn’t enough for network redundancy
  • How true route diversity can be achieved
  • What the modern business needs to build a comprehensive business continuity strategy

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  • "WiLine provides us with a plug-and-play solution that compares favorably to other vendors."
  • "Everything nowadays is in the cloud that we use on a daily basis. With WiLine, everyone can be downloading or uploading and doing different things at the same time, and it doesn’t take forever. That’s something that no other company could offer and we’ve never looked back."


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